Donald Trump’s Running Mate Set to Steal Spotlight at Thursday’s Debate


Former President Donald Trump has revealed that he has already chosen his running mate for the 2024 presidential election, but he is keeping the identity of his pick a closely guarded secret, reported Fox News on Monday, June 24, 2024.

In a recent interview with reporters, Trump said he has settled on a vice presidential nominee, but he has not yet disclosed the name to anyone. “In my mind, yeah,” Trump said when asked by NBC News if he has decided on his running mate. However, when pressed on whether the person he has picked is aware of the decision, Trump responded, “No, nobody knows.”

The former president added that his running mate will “most likely” attend the first presidential debate between Trump and President Joe Biden, which is scheduled to take place on Thursday in Atlanta. “They’ll be there,” Trump said, hinting that his running mate will be present at the highly anticipated event.

Trump’s reluctance to reveal his running mate selection comes as he prepares to officially announce the decision around the time of the Republican National Convention, which is set to kick off on July 15 in Milwaukee.

The former president’s decision to keep his running mate a secret has sparked speculation among political observers and the media. Some have suggested that Trump may be waiting to unveil his pick as a strategic move to generate excitement and anticipation ahead of the convention.

Others have speculated that Trump may be holding off on announcing his running mate to avoid potential backlash or controversy that could arise from the selection. The former president has a history of making controversial choices and has faced criticism for some of his past running mate selections.

Regardless of the reason, Trump’s refusal to disclose his running mate has added an air of mystery to the 2024 presidential race. The former president’s comments have also raised questions about the level of coordination and communication between Trump and his potential running mate, as the person he has chosen appears to be unaware of the decision.

As the first presidential debate approaches, the focus will undoubtedly shift to the identities of the candidates and their running mates. Trump’s decision to keep his pick a secret could give him a strategic advantage, as it may force his opponents and the media to speculate and react to his announcement on his own terms.

Ultimately, the identity of Trump’s running mate will be a crucial factor in the 2024 election, as the vice presidential candidate can play a significant role in shaping the campaign’s message, mobilizing key voter blocs, and potentially influencing the outcome of the race.


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