‘ It’s Humiliating ‘: Ex-Prisoner Reveals What Always Happens in Jail to Prominent People Like Trump


Former President Donald Trump could face a dramatic shift in lifestyle if Judge Juan Merchan decides to hand down a sentence that includes incarceration, according to insights from a prison expert. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Sam Mangel, a former white-collar inmate turned prison consultant, highlighted the potential hardships Trump might encounter if he were to serve time behind bars.

According to a report by Raw Story on Saturday, June 1, Mangel emphasized that regardless of one’s status or background, life in prison strips individuals of their autonomy and dignity. “When you’re in prison, I don’t care who you are, you’re a number,” Mangel remarked. “It’s humiliating, it’s degrading.”

From regimented daily routines to limited communication privileges, inmates are subject to a highly controlled environment that leaves little room for personal freedom. According to Mangel, the stark reality of prison life includes early wake-up calls, strict schedules, and minimal privacy. Inmates must adhere to rigid routines, including standing for roll call and working assigned jobs within the facility.

Despite any special considerations Trump might receive, such as his status as a former president or senior citizen, Mangel emphasized that guards typically treat all inmates equally, adhering to strict rules and protocols. Drawing from his experience advising white-collar clients facing incarceration, Mangel highlighted the challenges that await individuals like Trump, should they be sentenced to prison.

He cited the logistical complexities involved in housing high-profile inmates, suggesting that alternative arrangements, such as military bases, might provide a more secure and manageable environment. The question of whether Trump will serve a prison sentence ultimately rests with Judge Merchan, who holds final discretion over the matter.

With each felony count carrying a maximum sentence of four years and the possibility of a cumulative 20-year sentence under New York state law, Merchan faces a pivotal decision. While options such as probation or home confinement remain on the table, the severity of the sentence may hinge on Trump’s demeanor and compliance with legal proceedings.

Notably, Trump’s repeated violations of Merchan’s gag order could influence the judge’s decision, as suggested by former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann. Merchan’s sentencing history indicates a propensity to weigh remorse and respect for the court when determining the severity of sentences, a factor that may shape Trump’s fate.

As the legal saga unfolds, the prospect of Trump facing life behind bars looms large, underscoring the potential consequences of his actions. Whether justice will be served through imprisonment or alternative measures remains uncertain, but for now, the possibility remains a stark reality for the former president.

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