“They Still Fear Her” Sources Reveal MAGA Fear Rep Taylor Greene After What She Did To James Comer


Republican sources have disclosed to CNN that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene made direct threats against Rep. James Comer, reflecting the deep divisions and fears within the party’s ranks. The incident in question occurred following a heated exchange between Greene and Rep. Jasmine Crockett on the House floor, which went viral last month.

According to a report by Raw Story on Tuesday, June 11, when Comer approached Greene, urging her to extend an apology to Crockett, witnesses recount that Greene issued a stark warning, implying repercussions from her loyal base. According to CNN’s report, Greene cautioned Comer that her “people” would not tolerate any attempt to silence her, hinting at the considerable influence she wields over her MAGA supporters.

“They are over her, but they still fear her,” remarked one Republican lawmaker, highlighting the delicate balance of power surrounding Greene. In a series of interviews conducted by CNN, multiple GOP sources provided insights into Greene’s confrontational style and the apprehensions it invokes within the party.

Described as “an island unto herself,” Greene’s actions have reportedly unnerved her fellow Republicans. “(McCarthy) kept her in bubble wrap,” one source revealed, referring to former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s management of Greene.

However, since McCarthy’s departure, Greene’s behavior has become increasingly unrestrained, posing a challenge to the current leadership under Mike Johnson. Representative Don Bacon emphasized the need to address disruptive behavior, likening it to parenting.

“You can’t give all the attention to the one who is not behaving,” Bacon remarked, reflecting on the dilemma faced by GOP leadership. Despite mounting pressure, Greene appears unrepentant and defiant. When pressed about apologizing to Comer, she responded with profanity, declaring, “There’s no f—ing way I’m doing that.

I won’t apologize.” Greene’s refusal to back down underscores her uncompromising stance and her willingness to challenge party norms. Last week, Greene presented a series of controversial proposals to Johnson, including challenging former President Donald Trump’s criminal conviction and defunding President Joe Biden’s special counsel investigation.

When questioned about the importance of government funding, Greene dismissed concerns with further expletives, reflecting her disregard for conventional political protocols. As Greene continues to assert her influence within the Republican Party, her actions raise questions about the party’s direction and its ability to maintain unity amidst internal strife.

With her unapologetic approach and loyal following, Marjorie Taylor Greene remains a formidable force, capable of reshaping the landscape of American politics. In the face of growing tensions and divisions, the GOP grapples with the looming shadow of fear cast by one of its own, underscoring the challenges of navigating a party in transition and the uncertain future it faces in the ever-evolving political arena.

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