“He Can’t Even Open His Eyes” – Trump Faces Online Ridicule for Appearing Tired in New Video


Former President Donald Trump faced ridicule on social media after posting a video on Truth Social where he appeared visibly tired and struggled to keep his eyes open while aboard his private plane.

According to a report by OK Magazine News on Friday, June 21, 2024, the clip, which showed Trump with a swollen face and tired eyes, sparked a wave of mocking comments, with many suggesting he looked “high as a kite.”

In the clip, he said, “I’m going to Cleveland, it looks like we’re doing great in Ohio. We’re doing great in just about every state we’re in.” “Every poll number that’s coming in is looking good, we’re leading just about every poll on a national basis — on a swing state basis — and I’m looking forward to Thursday night.”

Prominent Trump critic Ron Filipkowski shared the clip, commenting that “Dude’s so high tonight he can’t even open his eyes.”  This prompted a wave of mocking comments from social media users, with many suggesting Trump looked “high as a kite.”

One user commented, “He’s top up, that Adderall does wonders for being high if you don’t need it. The more you take the more you want, it’s very addicting.”

Another person commented, “Joe Biden needs to immediately agree to drug testing & force Trump’s hand. Trump makes Hunter look like a recreational user”. This incident comes amidst ongoing tensions between Trump and President Joe Biden, particularly regarding allegations of drug use.

In a previous report, former President Trump requested that President Biden undergo a drug test before their upcoming debates in June and September.

Trump made this demand after accusing Biden of being under the influence during his State of the Union address in March. However, Biden and his supporters have strongly refuted these claims, denying any allegations of drug use.

“I don’t know what he’s using, but that was not … hey, he was higher than a kite, and by the way, it was the worst address I’ve ever seen,” Trump told Newsmax. He also brought up the news of cocaine being discovered by the Secret Service at the White House last summer.

“I think what happened, you know, that white stuff, that they happened to find, which happened to be cocaine at the White House, I don’t know, I think something is going on there,” Trump suggested.

The first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump during the 2020 presidential campaign was marked by intense confrontation, with Trump frequently interrupting and challenging Biden in an effort to catch him off guard and make him appear uncertain.

Donald Trump pressed Biden on the issue of expanding the Supreme Court, and Biden responded by telling Trump to “shut up, man”. Political analysts at the time viewed the exchange as a victory for Biden.

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