‘Looks like a Kaftan’: Trump trolled over ‘terrible tailoring’ as video of him in oversized suit goes viral


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Former President Donald Trump’s attire has once again become a topic of discussion, this time not for its usual tailored precision but for its questionable fit. During a recent speech, the former president’s oversized suit caught the attention of viewers, prompting mockery and speculation about his wardrobe choices.

Ron Filipkowski, a critic of Trump, commented on the video uploaded to X, humorously remarking, “Despite all the personnel he’s dismissed over time, it seems his tailor still manages to keep their job somehow.” While Trump’s sartorial choices have often been a topic of fascination, they took on added significance during his hush-money trial.

Unlike many politicians who adjust their attire to convey various messages, Trump has remained steadfast in his signature look: a business suit, tie tightly fastened, embodying the persona of a traditional businessman. However, his insistence on maintaining this image has drawn scrutiny, with critics noting the outdated and ill-fitted nature of his attire.

Despite Trump’s attempts to project an aura of success and authority, his wardrobe choices have sometimes fallen short, lacking the sleekness and modernity associated with other world leaders. Trump’s affinity for loose-cut suits, coupled with his penchant for elongated ties, has raised questions about his fashion sense and personal style.

While his clothing may not scream high fashion, it serves a purpose in reinforcing his populist image, resonating with his base of supporters who value familiarity and consistency. However. users couldn’t resist sharing their opinions, as one user wrote, “I’ve decided he only owns that one suit and I don’t want to think about what it must smell like at this point #TrumpIsAFelon.”

Another one commented, “What tailor? I hear he buys expensive suits but forgets the most important part, to get the suits tailored! But don’t worry, the nuclear codes are safe with him.”

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