Trump’s Inappropriate Behavior Exposed by ‘Apprentice’ Contestant, Allegations Go Beyond a Kiss


Amid a startling revelation ahead of the publication of Ramin Setoodeh’s upcoming book “Apprentice in Wonderland,” former “Apprentice” contestant Jennifer Murphy has come forward with shocking claims about her interactions with Donald Trump during her time on the reality show.

Season 4 of “The Apprentice” began airing in September 2005, just eight months after Trump’s marriage to Melania and six months before the birth of their son. The bombshell “Access Hollywood” tape, where Trump made lewd comments about women, was recorded prior to the season’s start, while Trump was filming an episode of “Days of Our Lives.”

According to a report by Raw Story on Wednesday, June 5, Murphy, a 26-year-old beauty queen during the taping, previously mentioned that Trump had kissed her. However, new excerpts from Setoodeh’s book reveal that her interactions with Trump may have been more inappropriate than initially disclosed.

In interviews with Setoodeh, Murphy claimed that Trump “invited her to his room at the Beverly Hills Hotel,” insinuating it was for sexual reasons. Murphy declined the invitation, citing Trump’s marital status, stating, “I have a conscience. I have integrity.”

Murphy had previously downplayed the incident, mentioning the kiss without much detail. She defended Trump’s behavior in a CNN interview, saying she wasn’t offended by the kiss and had received a job offer from him despite being fired from “The Apprentice.”

During the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape fallout, Murphy expressed frustration that the media only focused on the kiss and not her positive interactions with Trump. Trump’s comments in the tape about grabbing women without consent have resurfaced in light of Murphy’s claims.

This comes shortly after Stormy Daniels testified about her sexual encounter with Trump, further spotlighting allegations of his inappropriate behavior toward women.

Despite her revelations, Murphy doesn’t view Trump as a predator, suggesting he simply “likes beautiful women too much — if that’s a flaw.” She even remained friends with Trump and received a wedding discount from him so that she could host her wedding at one of his properties.

In an ironic twist, Trump joined Murphy for a segment about her wedding on “Access Hollywood,” where Murphy alleges he made another inappropriate advance, smacking her buttocks off-camera. These revelations add to the growing list of allegations against Trump, raising questions about his conduct toward women both before and during his presidency.

With Setoodeh’s book set to be released soon, further scrutiny is expected regarding Trump’s behavior behind the scenes of “The Apprentice” and beyond. The claims made by Murphy provide a glimpse into a broader pattern of behavior that has surrounded the former president for years.

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