He’s Going to Assassinate all of us: Americans Left Speechless as Cohen Drops a Chilling Statement


Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen has left Americans stunned with a chilling assertion that Donald Trump plans to assassinate all of his political rivals if re-elected. In an appearance on MSNBC on Saturday, June 8, 2024, Michael Cohen, the former attorney for Donald Trump, made startling claims about the ex-president’s potential actions if he were to win the upcoming election.

Cohen, who has had a turbulent history with Trump, stated that Trump intends to eliminate his political enemies, even suggesting that people might “start flying out of windows” if Trump returns to the White House.

During his interview with host Ali Velshi, Cohen elaborated on his ominous prediction. He compared the potential future under Trump to the state-controlled media environment in Russia, specifically mentioning Pravda, the Russian news outlet whose name ironically means “truth.”

Cohen emphasized that under a Trump administration, the freedom to criticize the president would disappear. He expressed concern that all forms of dissenting media would be suppressed, aligning with Trump’s distaste for any negative coverage. Cohen pointed out that numerous political figures, including Marco Rubio, Mike Johnson, and Mark Meadows, have previously criticized Trump.

He warned that these individuals, who may believe that aligning themselves with Trump would grant them unlimited power and resources, are making a grave mistake. According to Cohen, Trump’s singular focus on himself means he would not tolerate anyone overshadowing him.

Drawing parallels to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Cohen suggested that those who become too prominent or powerful could face dire consequences, such as being imprisoned or mysteriously disappearing. Cohen’s allegations come shortly after his testimony at what he describes as Trump’s “sham” criminal trial, where Trump was convicted on all counts by a hand-picked jury.

Reflecting on the trial and its outcome, Cohen underscored the importance of accountability and the rule of law. He acknowledged the personal toll the legal battles had taken on him and his family but maintained that truth and justice ultimately prevailed. Cohen also expressed gratitude towards his attorney,

Danya Perry, for her support throughout the process. These remarks from Cohen, a convicted perjurer and self-confessed thief, add another layer to the ongoing narrative of Trump’s controversial political career.

His assertions paint a grim picture of a potential second Trump administration, raising significant concerns about the future of American democracy and the rule of law. Whether Cohen’s predictions hold any truth remains to be seen, but his words have certainly left a significant impact on the current political discourse.

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