Biden Had a Medical Emergency at Air Force One Amidst Call for His Replacement? Here are the Facts


Photo: Alex Brandon/AP

President Joe Biden was reported to have experienced a medical emergency aboard Air Force One amidst calls from some Democrats to replace him on the 2024 Presidential ticket.

This development came as a shock, potentially providing Democrats with a reason to seek a replacement for their presidential nominee. 

In a post shared on Friday, July 5, 2024, Monica Crowley, a Newsmax correspondent, added fuel to the fire by reporting the incident on X, stating, “Biden is reportedly having a medical emergency aboard Air Force One.”

This announcement sparked widespread speculation and concern about the President’s health and its impact on the upcoming election.

However, despite the initial uproar, it soon became clear that these reports were inaccurate. The White House swiftly moved to dispel the rumors, confirming that Biden was in good health and had not experienced any medical emergency.

To further counter the false reports, the White House highlighted that Biden was seen disembarking from Air Force One at 7:50 pm without any signs of distress or health issues.

The spread of misinformation regarding Biden’s health has added another layer of complexity to the political landscape. As the Democratic Party navigates internal challenges and external pressures, accurate information about the President’s health remains crucial.

The quick response from the White House to clarify Biden’s condition underscores the importance of addressing and correcting false narratives promptly.

The episode also drew a response from Elon Musk, who commented on the situation, reflecting the broader public interest and concern about the President’s well-being.

Musk’s involvement in the conversation highlights how high-profile individuals and influencers can shape public discourse, especially when it involves the health of a sitting President.

While initial reports suggested a medical emergency for Joe Biden aboard Air Force One, these claims were swiftly debunked by the White House. Biden’s health remains stable, and he continues to fulfill his presidential duties without interruption.

The incident serves as a reminder of the rapid spread of misinformation and the need for vigilance in verifying news, particularly in the high-stakes arena of presidential politics.

Additionally, this incident has highlighted the importance of responsible journalism and the potential consequences of spreading unverified information.

With the 2024 election approaching, ensuring that news is accurate and reliable is essential to maintaining public trust and ensuring an informed electorate.

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