“We Had a Deal” Biden’s Stunning Accusation Unravels Trump’s Alleged Betrayal


President Joe Biden claimed that a deal was in place, only for former President Donald Trump to allegedly betray it by pressuring Republicans to withdraw their support.

This revelation came during an interview with ABC News anchor David Muir, where Biden hit back at Trump’s criticism of his controversial southern border executive order. Muir relayed Trump’s words, “He’s pretending to finally do something about the border, but it’s all about show.” “We have a debate coming up. Biden’s executive order is weak and pathetic.”

Biden responded defiantly, “Is he describing himself? Weak and pathetic? Come on.”

The president then dropped a bombshell, “Look, everybody knows what’s happened. We had a deal. It was much broader than this, much better, much more accepted across the board, and he got on the phone and told the Republicans, ‘Don’t support it, it will hurt me, it will help Biden.'”

This stunning claim suggests that a bipartisan agreement was in place, but Trump allegedly sabotaged it for personal political gain, prioritizing his own interests over those of the nation. Trump, however, remained defiant in his criticism of Biden’s border policies, taking to Truth Social to lambast the executive order.

“After nearly four years of his failed, weak leadership, Crooked Joe Biden is pretending to finally do something about the border—but in fact, it’s all for show because he knows we have a debate coming up in 3 weeks,” he wrote.

In another post, Trump escalated his attacks, accusing Biden’s order of being “pro-invasion, pro-child trafficking, pro-women trafficking, pro-human trafficking, pro-drug dealers — and they bring death and destruction into our Country. It’s really pro-illegal immigration…”

The heated exchange between the two leaders comes in the wake of Biden’s announcement of major new tariffs on electric vehicles, semiconductors, solar equipment, and medical supplies imported from China. While the move aims to boost American manufacturing and reduce reliance on Chinese imports, experts have warned of potential economic fallout and the risk of retaliatory measures from China, sparking fears of a trade war.

“These tariffs have the potential to be disastrous for the U.S. economy,” cautioned one economist. “They will likely lead to retaliatory measures from China and could spark a trade war.”

Undeterred, Biden defended the tariffs as a necessary step to protect American jobs and national security, stating, “For too long, we’ve been reliant on other countries for critical goods and technologies. These tariffs will help level the playing field and bring manufacturing back to America.”

The tariffs are the latest development in the ongoing trade dispute between the U.S. and China, with tensions escalating over issues like intellectual property theft, human rights abuses, and China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea.

Political analysts suggest that Biden’s tariffs and tough stance on China could be a strategic move to appeal to working-class voters ahead of the 2024 election, positioning him as a champion of American workers. “Biden is trying to position himself as a champion of American workers and take a tough stance on China,” said one analyst. “It’s a risky move, but it could pay off politically.”

However, critics have lambasted the tariffs as protectionist measures that could harm American businesses and consumers, warning that the increased costs will ultimately be passed on to the public. “These tariffs will raise costs for companies that rely on Chinese imports, and those costs will ultimately be passed on to consumers,” cautioned a business leader.

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