“Lied With Every Response” Billionaire Attacks Trump, Vows To Back Biden If No Replacement Is Made


Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, has launched a scathing critique of former President Donald Trump after the 2024 CNN presidential debate.

According to a tweet posted on his official handle on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Friday, June 28, 2024, Cuban made clear his frustration with both the current President Joe Biden and Trump, while ultimately pledging his support for Biden despite a less than stellar performance.

In his post, Cuban minced no words in describing Biden’s performance as “awful,” yet he was equally, if not more, critical of Trump.

He noted, “His performance was awful. But so was Trump’s. Biden was feeble. Trump couldn’t directly answer a single question and lied with every response.

“The question is what features voters believe make a better POTUS : Feeble, Capable and Ethical vs Vigorous, Unethical and Incapable of telling the truth. I’ll vote ethical every time.”

Cuban’s comments sparked significant attention, highlighting his belief that Biden, despite his perceived weaknesses, still represented a more ethical choice compared to Trump.

“The reality is Joe wasn’t capable last night of debating someone who only lies,” Cuban continued.

“He doesn’t have the energy or ability to shout him down, hold him accountable and laugh at Trump’s responses. Joe could have held his own against a candidate that actually can discuss policy. But that wasn’t the challenge last night and Joe wasn’t prepared or capable of dealing with Donald and his style.”

The debate, which featured both Biden and Trump, left Cuban and many viewers questioning the future of American leadership.

Cuban also expressed deep concerns over Trump’s debating tactics and his ability to handle complex situations.

He wrote, “That aside, there is no way you could listen to Donald last night and come away feeling confident that Trump has the ability to go deeper than his practiced soundbites. He repeated himself often and never directly answered the moderator’s questions.

“There was nothing that would give anyone confidence he could hold his own in any complicated situation. Or that he could intellectually go toe to toe with any world leader or adversary.”

Cuban’s apprehensions extended beyond Trump’s debate performance to his stance on significant issues such as the events of January 6th and election integrity.

He wrote, “In fact, his non answers about J6 and election acceptance should scare every American about his interest in upholding his oath to the constitution. That doesn’t make Biden’s performance any less awful. But, he answered the questions he was asked, even if the presentation was underwhelming.”

Reflecting on Biden’s tenure, Cuban pointed out the absence of scandals or leaks, suggesting incompetence within Biden’s administration.

“And we have the last 3 plus years and of his being POTUS with out his getting laughed or smirked at, no tell-alls or leaks discussing his incompetence. No former advisors or cabinet members saying they won’t vote for him,” Cuban remarked, referencing the divisiveness and controversy that surrounded Trump’s presidency.

Cuban admitted the current political landscape is not ideal, noting that the election has become more about soundbites and social media presence than substantive policy debates.

He claimed, “That gives me confidence that in the normal duties of the Presidency he can hold his own and do the job. Unfortunately, This election is not about policies. It’s about soundbites, social media and who delivers them better and the algorithms that deliver them to voters. Trump is far better than Biden at soundbites and marketing. That’s reality.”

Cuban also admitted openness to considering a new candidate to replace Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris, reflecting a broader sentiment among some Democrats who are uneasy about Biden’s age and energy levels.

“For that reason , I’m also open to the discussion to replace Biden and/or Harris,” he stated.

He continued, “It’s not like Trump’s approval ratings are high. They aren’t. It could be an open door to find someone that immediately out performs Trump. Beyond the loyalty of his hard core 30 % or so, I think a large number of people who currently support him would walk away to a better alternative.

“But if that doesn’t happen, I’m still voting for Biden, the ethical candidate who unquestionably stands by his oath and puts country over self interest.”

Cuban’s remarks were made in response to a query from British journalist Piers Morgan, who had asked him to reevaluate his previous comments about Biden and Trump before the debate.

Cuban’s response also shed light on the growing frustration among some of Biden’s supporters while highlighting the ethical dilemma they face when considering the alternative.

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