Cannon Hands Jack Smith’s A Surprise, Her Unexpected Bold Move Leaves Democrats Totally Disappointed


Judge Cannon’s insistence on examining a critical issue has shed light on the conflicting narratives often employed by the Democratic party. The case revolves around Jack Smith, whose ties to high-ranking officials have sparked a debate on his independence and the ethical ramifications of his role.

According to a tweet on Friday, June 21, 2024, this situation has not only raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest but has also exposed a pattern of inconsistency in the Democrats’ rhetoric. On one side of the argument, Democrats have fervently defended Jack Smith’s independence to deflect criticisms regarding his connections to high-level figures like Garland and Biden.

They argue that Smith operates autonomously, separate from any undue influence exerted by his superiors. This claim serves as a shield against accusations that Smith essentially works for Biden due to his link to Garland.

However, this assertion of independence backfires when confronted with the argument put forth by Trump’s lawyers and allies. They suggest that if Smith is truly independent, he might be acting as a de facto Super US Attorney, combining the powers of multiple attorneys into one as a Special Counsel.

Such a scenario would raise concerns about Senate confirmation, as traditionally a US Attorney in a single district must undergo this process. By appointing Smith without Senate approval, the Democrats may have overstepped legal boundaries.

In response to these accusations, Democrats find themselves in a tight spot, compelled to switch their narrative. They pivot to emphasize Garland’s role in supervising Smith’s work, implying that there is a layer of accountability in place. This attempt to reconcile Smith’s independence with Garland’s oversight exposes a glaring contradiction in their argumentation.

Judge Cannon’s subsequent inquiry delves into the nature of Garland’s supervision over Smith, prompting Democrats and the Biden DOJ to invoke the privilege, citing that such details are confidential. This refusal to disclose the extent of Garland’s involvement raises further questions about transparency and accountability in the decision-making process.

The circular arguments and conflicting stances adopted by the Democrats in this case underscore a broader pattern of evasiveness and ambiguity in their communication strategies. By attempting to have it both ways asserting Smith’s independence while also stressing Garland’s oversight when convenient they exhibit a lack of consistency and coherence in their approach.

This case serves as a stark reminder that politicians and parties must be held accountable for their actions and statements. The media, often criticized for letting such contradictions slide, plays a crucial role in scrutinizing and challenging these narratives. It is imperative to push for clarity and coherence, forcing individuals and groups to choose a definitive path and accept the consequences that come with it.

As Judge Cannon continues to press for answers and transparency in this matter, it signals a step towards accountability and integrity in the political arena. The spotlight on Jack Smith and the Democrats’ response highlights the importance of upholding ethical standards and fostering a culture of honesty and accountability in public service.

The case of Jack Smith underscores the need to confront contradictory narratives and demand clarity from those in positions of power. It serves as a call to action to hold all parties accountable and ensure that political discourse is grounded in truth and consistency, rather than obfuscation and doublespeak. By addressing these issues head-on, we can strive towards a more transparent and accountable political landscape.

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