Donald Trump Left in Disbelief as Supporters Leave Rally During Speech, Video Shows


Scores of people were seen leaving Donald Trump’s rally in Las Vegas early while the former president was still speaking on stage. A clip posted onto X, formerly Twitter, showed large numbers of Trump supporters exiting the area where Trump was speaking in Nevada on Sunday while the former president was delivering his remarks.

Trump’s appearance in Las Vegas was the first large-scale rally he has held since being convicted of 34 falsifying business records charges in New York. The event also took place during dangerously hot conditions as a heat wave grips western parts of the country, with temperatures in Las Vegas reaching around 105 F on Sunday.

The video of people leaving the online was posted online by host Brian Shapiro, host of the Las Vegas-based radio show Pushing The Limits, as well as by Ron Filipowski, a former federal prosecutor and fellow frequent Trump critic. The clip has since been viewed more than one million times on X.

“Thousands of people leaving the Trump cult rally right in the middle of Cheeto Jesus making his speech,” Shapiro wrote. “Bizarre don’t you think? “Why are they leaving? Maybe it’s because Orange Man is delivering his exact same speech again in 105-degree temperatures with no shade or water?”

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