“Jan. 6 Was a Fedsurrection” Ex-FBI Undercover Asset Presents Chilling Evidence That Stuns America


A revelation has emerged, leaving Americans stunned: Derek Myers, a former FBI confidential human source, claims that the FBI orchestrated an extensive undercover operation on January 6, 2021, effectively turning the Capitol riot into what he calls a “Resurrection.”

This explosive news, reported in a WND article published on Thursday, June 20, 2024, has sparked intense debate and scrutiny. According to the WND report, Myers has bravely stepped forward to expose the truth, risking potential jail time for revealing details about his work as an undercover asset for the FBI.

“I’m not afraid to go to prison,” Myers stated, emphasizing his commitment to unveiling what he describes as a government-run entrapment scheme designed to incriminate Trump supporters at the “Save America” rally in Washington, D.C. For over three years, federal authorities have resisted disclosing the extent of their involvement in the events of January 6.

Myers’ account sheds light on the substantial presence of undercover informants within the crowd that day. During the Proud Boys trial, for instance, Judge Timothy Kelly held a sealed hearing to avoid revealing the number of confidential human sources embedded within the group in the lead-up to the Capitol riot.

James Ray Epps, widely suspected to be a government plant, exemplifies the special treatment accorded to confidential human sources. Despite being captured on camera breaking laws on January 6, 2021, Epps received only probation, raising further suspicions about his role and the government’s handling of informants.

Myers, a former Ohio congressional candidate who gained national attention for whistleblowing on FBI misconduct, disclosed to WND that the FBI deployed hundreds of undercover informants on January 6.

“The public should know that confidential human sources were laced throughout the Jan. 6 crowd and are considered above the law while on the job,” Myers asserted. In an exclusive interview, Myers explained the FBI’s internal designations that allow human assets to engage in lawbreaking activities under certain conditions.

These designations, known as “tier one,” “tier two,” or “tier three,” essentially provide a temporary “get out of jail free” pass. “We’re not talking about going to murder somebody,” Myers clarified. “We’re talking about being able to smuggle drugs or engage in other criminal activities within a specified timeframe without repercussions.”

Despite the FBI’s significant resources and intelligence capabilities, the government continues to arrest and prosecute January 6 participants while many suspected confidential human sources remain unidentified and uncharged. This disparity has fueled claims of a “Resurrection,” with critics arguing that the government had far greater control over the events than it admits.

Democrats dismiss these claims as conspiracy theories, but Myers’ revelations add weight to accusations of federal entrapment. Defense attorney Roger Roots, who has represented over 30 January 6 defendants, highlighted the government’s efforts to conceal the presence of undercover informants during trials.

“The fact that the government had so many CHSs on the ground shows that they had the situation under control much more than they pretended,” Roots told WND. Myers recounted his experiences working closely with FBI task forces, infiltrating and spying on groups deemed “domestic extremists” by the Justice Department.

He described how the FBI paid $450 a day per assignment, plus reimbursed expenses, to confidential human sources. Despite the potential legal consequences, Myers remains determined to expose the truth about the FBI’s role on January 6. In a poignant reflection on his journey, Myers revealed how his initial enthusiasm for working with the FBI soured upon realizing the agency’s shift in focus toward targeting right-leaning organizations.

“Once President Trump took office, the FBI sort of changed,” Myers said. “They were shifting their focus from left-wing radicalized organizations to more right-leaning organizations.” As Myers continues to speak out, his courageous decision to risk his freedom for the sake of transparency underscores the growing distrust in federal institutions.

Whether these revelations will lead to substantial political fallout or legal consequences remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: Myers’ testimony has reignited the debate over the true nature of January 6 and the extent of government involvement.

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