Greene Tries to Blame Joe Biden for Murder of American Citizens by Outsiders


According to a tweet posted on Saturday, June 29, 2024, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene sparked intense controversy with a bold and inflammatory tweet asserting that former President Donald Trump is the only candidate who truly cares about American safety and will act decisively to prevent further violence.

Her tweet read: “If you are one of those people that don’t want to vote for Trump or Biden, then realize it all comes down to this.

If your child is murdered by a monster that doesn’t belong in America, there is only one candidate that cares, will call you, and will stop the killings.


The tweet, which quickly went viral, has been both praised by Trump supporters and condemned by his detractors.

Greene, a known loyalist of Trump, has a history of making provocative statements, but this one strikes a particularly sensitive chord as it addresses issues of immigration, crime, and public safety in an emotionally charged manner.

Her statement plays into the broader narrative that Trump has consistently pushed: that he is the only leader capable of maintaining law and order in the United States.

This narrative has been central to Trump’s political identity since his first presidential campaign in 2016, where he emphasized building a wall along the southern border and implementing strict immigration policies to protect American citizens.

Critics, however, argue that Greene’s tweet is an example of fearmongering and divisive rhetoric.

They claim it unfairly stigmatizes immigrants and perpetuates harmful stereotypes.

Immigration advocates and human rights organizations have voiced strong opposition to her message, arguing that it oversimplifies complex issues and exploits tragic events for political gain.

Many Democrats and some Republicans have condemned Greene’s tweet as inflammatory and misleading.

They argue that her statement disregards the nuances of immigration policy and the multifaceted nature of crime in the United States.

Furthermore, they stress that her comment about “a monster that doesn’t belong in America” promotes xenophobia and racial discrimination.

Despite the backlash, Greene’s tweet has resonated with a significant portion of the electorate, particularly those who feel that the current administration has not done enough to address crime and illegal immigration.

Trump supporters echo her sentiment, emphasizing their belief that Trump’s strong stance on these issues is necessary to ensure the safety and security of American citizens.

Political analysts suggest that Greene’s tweet could galvanize Trump’s base and further polarize the electorate.

By framing the choice in such stark terms, Greene taps into the emotional and visceral concerns of voters who prioritize law and order and perceive Trump as a protector against chaos and violence.

The timing of Greene’s tweet is also noteworthy.

It comes at a critical juncture in the 2024 presidential race, where both Trump and President Joe Biden are vying for support in a deeply divided country.

Greene’s unequivocal endorsement and the dramatic language used in her message could be seen as an attempt to consolidate support among undecided or reluctant voters who are dissatisfied with both major candidates.

Whether her tweet will significantly impact voter behavior remains to be seen, but it undoubtedly highlights the intense and often contentious nature of contemporary American politics.

As the nation heads towards the 2024 election, such statements will continue to play a pivotal role in the political discourse, influencing both the narrative and the choices of voters across the country.

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