Camilla Tightening Her Grip on Kate But Loosening It on Rose Speaks Volumes of an Alliance



Queen Camilla reportedly plans to introduce Prince William’s alleged mistress, Rose Hanbury, into the royal circle while Kate Middleton undergoes cancer treatment. This claim comes from Murad Merali, a YouTuber who frequently analyzes the latest happenings of the royal family. According to Merali, the Queen Consort seems to be taking advantage of Catherine’s absence.

Merali asserted that King Charles’s wife had established a rule prohibiting any member of the royal family from wearing a blue dress at an event if she had already chosen to wear one. However, there was one notable exception: Rose Hanbury. Both Camilla and Rose were seen wearing the same color outfit at an event, which the royal expert suggests is significant.

The royal commentator explained that wearing the same color or shade of dress symbolizes an invitation to the royal family. “Camilla tightening her grip on Kate but loosening it on Rose speaks volumes of an alliance. She prefers Rose over Kate,” Murad stated. He believes Camilla has been kind to Rose because of her aristocratic background, contrasting it with Princess Kate’s common family origins.

“There are frail issues going on between Camilla and Kate,” Murad added. This reported tension within the royal family has garnered considerable attention, as it highlights potential power struggles and alliances.

As Kate Middleton focuses on her health, the dynamics within the royal family may shift. The introduction of Rose Hanbury into the royal circle, especially during such a sensitive time, could have far-reaching implications. Queen Camilla’s actions and preferences are likely to be scrutinized closely, given the historical significance of each move within the royal hierarchy.

The situation has sparked a wave of discussions among royal watchers and the public. Many are speculating about the potential impact on Prince William and Kate’s relationship and the broader implications for the monarchy. Camilla’s alleged favoritism towards Rose Hanbury could be seen as a strategic move to strengthen her position within the royal family.

As the royal family navigates these complex relationships, the public will be keenly observing how these developments unfold. The support for Kate Middleton during her cancer treatment remains strong, with many hoping for her swift recovery and return to her royal duties. Meanwhile, the dynamics between Queen Camilla, Rose Hanbury, and Kate Middleton continue to be a topic of intense interest and speculation.

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