“Bleeding To The Floor” Panic In The Biden’s Camp As Top Advisor Delivers Devastating News


Presidential adviser Dick Morris expressed concerns about President Joe Biden’s reelection prospects, suggesting that his campaign is suffering from a series of setbacks that could ultimately lead to its demise.

As reported by Newsmax on Saturday, June 29, 2024, Morris emphasized that while one poor debate performance isn’t enough to dismantle Biden’s incumbency, the cumulative effect of various challenges could be detrimental.

Morris outlined a scenario where Biden’s struggles are becoming increasingly visible to the public, likening it to “bleeding on the floor” in full view. He suggested that the series of missteps, starting with debate performance and subsequent polling, could trigger a domino effect.

This chain reaction might lead to donors redirecting their support and Democratic lawmakers distancing themselves from the president.

The New York Times recently urged Biden to reconsider his candidacy for the “good of the country,” which Morris described as a significant development.

He likened the publication’s influence on the Democratic Party to that of a guiding voice, indicating a shift in party sentiment.

Morris also speculated on the potential for an organized movement within the Democratic Party, with figures potentially rallying against Biden’s reelection bid.

He mentioned that as these dissenting voices grow louder, they might create unavoidable pressure for Biden to step aside.

The adviser portrayed the political landscape as one filled with strategic opportunists, stating, “Politics is a very active profession: It’s filled with wolves and sharks.”

He suggested that as Biden’s vulnerabilities become more pronounced, others within the party might seize the opportunity to advance their own positions, further isolating the president.

Morris concluded by pondering the future of Biden’s campaign, asserting that as cumulative setbacks mount, they will likely lead to a critical tipping point.

He anticipates the emergence of initiatives like “Democrats Without Biden,” which could further siphon resources and support away from the president.

This mounting pressure poses a significant challenge for Biden, who must navigate these internal and external criticisms while maintaining his campaign’s momentum.

As Morris noted, the question is not if this pressure will impact Biden but when it will become insurmountable.

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