“I Can’t Trust Trump Again” Republican Woman Expresses How It is Sad for Her to Vote for Biden-WATCH


A growing schism within the Republican Party is becoming evident as the upcoming presidential election approaches, with a faction of members vowing not to vote for former President Donald Trump again.

Norma, a lifelong Republican based in Washington D.C., has declared that she will not be supporting Trump in the forthcoming presidential election. This announcement underscores the intensifying division and varied perspectives within the party’s ranks.

Norma, who has steadfastly voted Republican since she turned 18, expressed profound disappointment and concern over Trump’s conduct and policies. “I cannot trust [Trump] to run our country again,” Norma stated emphatically as seen in a video posted on social media on Monday, June 24, 2024.

She cited multiple reasons for her decision, emphasizing Trump’s treatment of women and people in general, as well as his role in the January 6, 2021, Capitol attack.

“Trump does not qualify to run the country again,” she declared, pointing to these critical issues as deal-breakers for her continued support. Norma’s disillusionment with Trump is particularly poignant given her longstanding loyalty to the Republican Party.

“I have never voted for a Democrat for president. Voting for a Democrat since I have been a Republican my whole life makes me sad. Not that I’m voting for the Democrat, but that I don’t have a Republican to vote for,” she lamented. Her words highlight a broader sentiment of disenchantment that some traditional Republicans feel towards Trump, who remains a polarizing figure within the party.

The Capitol attack, a pivotal moment in recent American history, appears to be a significant factor in Norma’s decision. Many Americans, regardless of political affiliation, were shocked by the violence and chaos that ensued on January 6, 2021. Norma is among those who hold Trump responsible for inciting the insurrection, a viewpoint that has driven her to reconsider her voting habits in the upcoming election.

Norma also expressed sadness about her decision to vote for Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic candidate. “It is very sad that I am voting for Biden yet I am a Republican just because there is no suitable GOP candidate,” she noted.

This statement reflects the broader issue of party loyalty versus individual candidate integrity, a dilemma faced by many voters across the political spectrum. Norma’s decision represents a microcosm of the larger debate within the Republican Party about the direction it should take post-Trump.

While Trump retains a strong base of support, his critics within the party are increasingly vocal about their concerns. Norma’s stance suggests that for some Republicans, the priority is the country’s well-being over party loyalty, a sentiment that could influence future elections.

As the 2024 election approaches, stories like Norma’s may become more common, indicating a possible shift in the political landscape. Whether this will lead to significant changes within the Republican Party remains to be seen, but for Norma, the choice is clear: country over party, integrity over blind loyalty.

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