They Want to Execute Me. They’re Coming After Me: Republican Turn Against Trump after Chilling Words


Republican strategist Rina Shah lambasted former President Donald Trump on CNN for his inflammatory appeals to voters, which have included violent imagery and rhetoric: “They Want to Execute me. They’re Coming After Me”

During the broadcast, CNN anchor Jim Acosta discussed a new fundraising email from Trump’s campaign. The email, titled “haul out the guillotine,” claimed that Trump’s political adversaries wanted him “beheaded” and that “THEY’RE REALLY COMING AFTER YOU!”

“This email came out a couple of hours ago, and nobody’s made a big deal out of it,” said Acosta. “I’m highlighting it because I just wonder, Rina, are we getting a little too numb to this kind of rhetoric? Is it getting out of control? Is he out of control?”

“I’ve been struck by it every time,” Shah responded. “Trump has been out of control for a long time because what he’s wanted to do is dismantle the whole notion of impartiality, which I heard you touching on, and I couldn’t agree more.” As reported by Raw Story on Wednesday, June 12, 2024, Shah emphasized the importance of impartiality in maintaining the foundational values of the United States.

“That impartiality is what makes us a country,” she stated. “We aren’t a country if we can’t look at our institutions and say these institutions protect the very American values that I know so many conservatives care about, which are freedom, equality, and justice. If we don’t have those things, we’re not a nation at all.”

Shah went on to criticize Trump for undermining these values for his own benefit. “Trump wants to dismantle those things just because he’s mentally unstable on that day and wants to talk about a guillotine,” she said. “He wants to say that they want to take me to the guillotine.

Buddy, it was you that was fine with people doing that to your vice president!” The harsh rhetoric in Trump’s fundraising pitch is the latest in a series of statements that have alarmed many observers. Shah’s comments reflect growing concern among some Republicans about the former president’s approach and its impact on the party and the nation.

Her remarks suggest a broader unease within the GOP about the consequences of Trump’s divisive tactics. Trump’s rhetoric has often included violent imagery and accusations that his opponents are out to destroy him and his supporters. This latest email is part of a pattern that has been criticized for stoking fear and division among the electorate.

Shah’s critique underscores a divide within the Republican Party, as some members seek to distance themselves from Trump’s more extreme positions and rhetoric. The reference to a guillotine in the fundraising email is particularly jarring given the historical connotations of such imagery.

It evokes a sense of political violence that is antithetical to democratic principles. Shah’s comments highlight the danger of normalizing such rhetoric and the need for political leaders to uphold the values that form the bedrock of American democracy. As the 2024 election cycle heats up, Trump’s rhetoric and the reactions it provokes will likely continue to shape the political landscape.

Shah’s forthright condemnation of Trump’s latest fundraising appeal reflects a broader struggle within the Republican Party to reconcile its traditional values with the polarizing influence of the former president. Whether the party can navigate this tension remains to be seen, but the stakes for American democracy are high.

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