” If We Don’t Win…” Americans Stunned as Trump Drops a Surprising Message Ahead of 2024 Election


Latest reports indicate that Former President Donald Trump delivered a fiery speech centered around the theme of national security, warning of increased threats of terrorism both domestically and internationally under the Biden administration.

Addressing a fervent crowd, Trump emphasized the urgency of the 2024 election, declaring, “If we don’t win, America faces unprecedented dangers at home and abroad.” as reported by NEWSMAX on June 26, 2024. Trump’s speech was laden with criticism of President Joe Biden’s handling of national security, painting a bleak picture of the current administration’s policies.

He argued that Biden’s approach to border security, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and perceived leniency toward international adversaries have collectively made the United States more vulnerable to terrorist threats. “Under Biden, our borders are open, our enemies are emboldened, and our allies are questioning our resolve,” Trump stated.

He specifically highlighted the withdrawal from Afghanistan, labeling it a “disastrous retreat” that not only undermined America’s credibility on the world stage but also provided terrorist groups with a propaganda victory and potential safe havens to regroup. Trump also criticized Biden’s border policies, claiming they have resulted in a surge of illegal immigration that poses a direct threat to national security.

“The open border is a gateway for terrorists, criminals, and drugs,” he said, urging for stricter immigration controls and the completion of the border wall initiated during his presidency. On the international front, Trump pointed to the increasing assertiveness of China and Russia, arguing that Biden’s administration has been ineffective in countering these threats.

“Our adversaries are laughing at us,” Trump declared, advocating for a return to his administration’s policy of “peace through strength.” The former president’s remarks resonated strongly with his base, who have long supported his tough-on-security stance.

Trump promised that, if re-elected, he would restore stringent immigration policies, bolster the military, and take a hardline approach against nations perceived as threats to U.S. security.

Critics, however, argue that Trump’s rhetoric is alarmist and intended to sow fear among voters. They contend that Biden’s administration has been navigating complex global challenges responsibly and that national security is being addressed through strategic, multilateral cooperation rather than unilateral aggression.

In his concluding remarks, Trump framed the upcoming election as a pivotal moment for the nation. “This is not just about politics; it’s about the survival of our country,” he asserted. The former president’s speech clearly aimed to galvanize his supporters, framing the 2024 election as a critical juncture for America’s future in terms of security and global standing.

As the election season heats up, national security is poised to remain a key issue, with Trump positioning himself as the candidate who can best protect America from the threats he perceives are exacerbated under Biden’s leadership.

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