WATCH: Trump Falls Apart On Stage as He Forgets What White House Said Just a Day Ago, Crowd Go Wild


Former President Donald Trump struggled to recall details during a rally in Racine, Wisconsin on Tuesday, June 18. Trump, known for his off-the-cuff speaking style, aimed to criticize President Joe Biden’s mental acuity, but the event took an unexpected turn as Trump himself became visibly confused.

As seen in RSBN videos, Trump’s speech was centered around poking holes in what the White House had said about Biden’s viral videos, describing them as ‘cheap fakes’ However, the former president’s attempt to mock Biden backfired when he stumbled over his own statements.

“The White House insisted that Biden is sharper than ever,” Trump began, referencing recent comments about videos purportedly showing Biden in a state of mental decline. “They said those videos of Biden shuffling around are clean fakes…,” Trump said, mixing up the terminology used by the White House (cheap fakes) to describe altered videos circulating online.

The situation became more muddled as Trump continued, “Biden can’t go anywhere without mistakes, but I am perfect. But the White House says he made mistakes…. I am perfect.” The crowd, initially cheering, became a mix of laughter and confusion as Trump’s rhetoric spiraled into incoherence.

This incident comes on the heels of a series of public appearances where Trump has consistently questioned Biden’s cognitive abilities. At his recent Detroit rally, Trump proudly recalled his own cognitive test results, claiming he “aced” the test.

However, he also mistakenly referred to the administering doctor, Ronny Jackson, by the wrong name, further fueling the narrative of his own cognitive lapses. The White House had recently criticized Republicans for spreading “cheap fake” videos, which allegedly showed Biden in a state of confusion.

These videos, the White House argued, were manipulated to mislead the public about the president’s mental state. As Trump’s speech drew to a close, the former president’s repeated assertions of perfection contrasted starkly with his evident confusion.

This rally, meant to underscore Biden’s alleged cognitive decline, instead highlighted Trump’s own vulnerabilities, leaving his supporters with mixed feelings. The crowd’s reaction – a blend of wild cheers, laughter, and awkward silences – encapsulated the unpredictable nature of Trump’s public engagements.

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