‘Trump Is Losing It. He is Getting Fuzzier’ MAGA Supporters Hit With a Devastating Statement


Former President Donald Trump is facing scrutiny as claims surface that his mental acuity is declining, with statements describing him as “losing it” and “getting fuzzier.” This revelation has left MAGA supporters reeling, as concerns grow about Trump’s cognitive state.

In an episode of Washington Week with The Atlantic, the spotlight shifted from President Biden’s perceived vulnerabilities to Donald Trump’s peculiar anecdotes about sharks. Host Jeffrey Goldberg initiated the discussion by juxtaposing the two candidates, notably emphasizing Trump’s prior legal troubles.

However, the dialogue swiftly transitioned towards Trump’s cognitive sharpness, with ABC’s Jon Karl insinuating a decline in coherence since his time in office. As reported by Newsbuster on Sunday, June 23, 2024, Anne Applebaum interjected to defend Biden against what she perceived as misrepresentation in the edited footage, contending that Biden’s bar for success is relatively low, merely requiring him to project coherence, while Trump faces heightened expectations.

Applebaum went further to lambast Trump for his alleged proclivity towards falsehoods and bombastic rhetoric, drawing a sharp contrast with Biden’s policy-centered approach. The conversation underscored the potential for the upcoming election to become a battleground between substantive policy discussions and sensationalism. Goldberg’s initial comparison between the candidates, particularly highlighting Trump’s criminal history, set the stage for a broader discussion on their respective fitness for office.

However, the focus quickly shifted to Trump’s mental acuity, with Karl suggesting that his coherence has waned over time. Karl’s remarks were supported by observations from his reporting, indicating a departure from Trump’s previous demeanor during his presidency. Applebaum echoed these sentiments, noting a perceived decline in Trump’s ability to articulate coherent arguments or narratives.

Amidst the discussion, Applebaum interjected to defend Biden against what she believed to be misleading representations in edited footage. She argued that Biden’s requirement to demonstrate coherence is relatively modest, especially in contrast to Trump’s more demanding expectations.

Applebaum also criticized Trump for what she described as a propensity towards falsehoods and bombastic rhetoric, contrasting this with Biden’s focus on substantive policy discussions. The conversation ultimately highlighted the potential divergence in priorities between the candidates and the media.

While some panelists sought to scrutinize Trump’s cognitive abilities and rhetoric, others emphasized Biden’s need to project coherence and engage in substantive policy discussions. This juxtaposition reflects broader debates surrounding the upcoming election, particularly concerning the balance between sensationalism and substantive issues.

The episode of Washington Week with The Atlantic provided a glimpse into the evolving dynamics of the upcoming election. While Trump’s cognitive abilities and rhetoric came under scrutiny, Biden’s focus remained on projecting coherence and engaging in substantive policy discussions. As the election approaches, the balance between sensationalism and substantive issues will continue to shape the political landscape.


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