Trump Makes a Major Statement on What He’ll Do to Hunter Biden if Re-elected


On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump suggested that he might pardon Hunter Biden if he is re-elected. In a surprising statement, Trump indicated his support for Hunter Biden, who was recently found guilty on three counts related to a gun application.

The charges stemmed from Hunter Biden’s alleged false statement on a gun purchase application, where he claimed not to be an addict despite using drugs at the time as reported by Raw Story on Tuesday, June 11, 2024. Trump’s statement emphasized his belief in Hunter’s right to own a firearm under the Second Amendment.

“It is hard to blame him for wanting a gun, which he has a God-given right to have under the Second Amendment,” Trump remarked, describing the amendment as “the best Amendment of them all.” The former president also criticized Joe Biden, implying that the current president did not intervene with the Justice Department to protect his son.

This criticism comes amidst ongoing Republican accusations that Joe Biden has weaponized the DOJ to target Trump and his supporters. Trump’s stance presents a stark contrast, suggesting that the president should have taken steps to aid his son during the trial.

Trump’s willingness to potentially pardon Hunter Biden stands in contrast to President Biden’s position. Joe Biden has stated publicly that he would not pardon his son if he is convicted, a stance he reiterated to ABC News reporter David Muir.

Trump seized on this difference to argue that Joe Biden is more concerned with appeasing advocates of gun control than helping his son. “Biden is more concerned with making the gun control people happy, so he won’t have the courage to step in here and help Hunter. Don’t worry, Joe – I will Save your son after I get elected (for the third time)!”

Trump declared, suggesting that his prospective pardon would be an act of justice and support for Hunter Biden. The former president’s remarks are notable not only for their apparent support of Hunter Biden but also for their broader implications about Trump’s views on presidential pardons and gun rights.

By aligning himself with Hunter Biden on the issue of gun ownership, Trump is positioning himself as a defender of the Second Amendment, even in complex and controversial cases. Trump’s comments also reflect his ongoing criticism of the Biden administration, framing Joe Biden as politically motivated and lacking the courage to act in his son’s best interest.

This narrative aims to contrast Trump’s own approach, suggesting that he would act decisively and justly, even for those currently on the opposite side of the political spectrum. The statement is likely to spark considerable debate, given the high-profile nature of both the individuals involved and the issues at stake.

Hunter Biden’s legal troubles have been a point of contention, and Trump’s remarks add another layer to the complex interplay of politics, justice, and personal loyalty. Trump’s declaration of support for Hunter Biden and his suggestion of a potential pardon highlight his commitment to Second Amendment rights and his criticism of Joe Biden’s handling of the situation.

This stance reinforces Trump’s broader narrative of opposing what he perceives as politically motivated justice and aligns with his characteristic approach of bold, controversial statements aimed at shaping public discourse and rallying his base.

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