“He’s Losing More” Trump Set to Lose More Than Freedom, Report Reveals Another Blow Post Convictions


Former President Donald Trump, already grappling with the fallout of his felony convictions, is now facing another potential blow as his valuable liquor licenses come under scrutiny in the wake of his legal troubles. According to a recent report from Forbes, Trump’s businesses, particularly his luxury golf courses, are at risk of losing their liquor licenses, adding another layer of legal woes for the embattled businessman.

Trump’s recent convictions on 34 felony counts related to hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels have triggered concerns over his ability to hold onto various privileges, including his ownership of liquor licenses. According to a report by Raw Story on Monday, June 10, with Trump’s criminal record now in place, his travel may be restricted, and he could face limitations on gun ownership.

The report highlights New Jersey as a key battleground, where Trump owns three golf courses, including the renowned Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, as well as properties in Philadelphia and Colts Neck. New Jersey authorities have initiated a review of Trump’s properties, citing state laws that prohibit issuing liquor licenses to individuals convicted of crimes involving moral turpitude, typically those related to dishonesty, fraud, or depravity.

“Forbes” journalist Zach Everson writes, “Trump is the sole owner of three golf courses in New Jersey that have active liquor licenses, according to the Division of Alcoholic Beverages Control.” He further explains that New Jersey law bars individuals with such convictions from obtaining liquor licenses, especially if the crime is punishable by more than one year in prison.

While New Jersey is leading the charge, several other states where Trump holds properties have similar laws, though some may have loopholes that could allow him to retain his licenses. However, the report indicates that authorities in New York, Virginia, Illinois, and North Carolina, where Trump also holds licenses, are now scrutinizing his eligibility.

“Representatives of alcohol authorities in New York, Virginia, Illinois, and North Carolina told Forbes that Trump is not a current licensee in their states,” the report states. “After Forbes pointed out that Trump, through a series of entities, is the sole owner of nine businesses with liquor licenses in those locations, some representatives said they would look into the matter.”

This development comes amid heightened tensions within the Republican Party following Trump’s conviction. Despite the legal setbacks, Trump continues to command significant influence within the GOP, with many Republicans rallying behind him. “That’s the Kool-Aid,” remarked one GOP insider, emphasizing the party’s unwavering support for Trump even in the aftermath of his guilty verdict.

The potential loss of liquor licenses adds to the mounting legal and financial challenges facing Trump and his business empire. With ongoing investigations and legal battles, the future of Trump’s enterprises remains uncertain, signaling a significant turning point for the former president and his once-dominant brand.

As Trump navigates the aftermath of his convictions, the repercussions extend beyond his personal and political spheres, affecting his vast network of businesses and properties. The outcome of these investigations could have far-reaching consequences for the future of the Trump Organization and its various ventures.

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