Trump Supporter From Prison Sends a Chilling Message to All Americans Spilling Beans on Jan.6 Events


Trump’s staunch supporter of the January 6 defendant, retired Air Force Lt. Col. Larry Brock, has shared a chilling message about his imprisonment and the events surrounding the Capitol protest. Larry Brock was released from federal prison on nonviolent charges related to his participation in the Capitol protest.

In a declassified document posted by media personality Julie Kelly on Sunday, June 16, 2024, Brock, a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Air Force, graduated from the Air Force Academy and piloted the A-10 for over 20 years in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

He shared his experiences and perspectives on the events of January 6 and his subsequent imprisonment. Brock’s incarceration took place in a “red state,” Missouri, where many guards identified themselves as “MAGA patriots.”

However, the prison administration held opposing views. Captain Justin Leoniwicz, known among inmates as “The Reaper,” made his stance clear when he told a fellow January 6 political prisoner, “I don’t want any of your political bullshit in my prison.”

This hostile environment intensified Brock’s experience, culminating in an unexpected and harsh upgrade from low custody to supermax prison time. Before his imprisonment in Springfield, Brock asked a lifelong friend to manage his Twitter account. On August 1, he announced the formation of the 5th Allied Political Prisoner of War Wing (PPOW) and issued guidance as its senior ranking officer:

Establish a chain of command in your gulag and ensure accountability of all J6 political prisoners. Brock’s tweet was interpreted by the prison administration as an attempt to form a prison gang. An incident report followed, stating, “Brock has continued to relay his beliefs that J6 inmates are political prisoners being persecuted by the government and therefore are being incarcerated unjustly.

Brock has continued to advocate for various family, friends, inmates, and J6 supporters to promote and support this idea and cause… [these] attempts to organize a following behind his cause jeopardize the…safety and security of the correctional facility.”

As a result of these charges, Brock was placed in solitary confinement, known as “the hole,” for 81 days. The disciplinary hearing officer eventually dismissed the gang formation charge as patently ridiculous but found Brock guilty of “using email to disrupt the orderly operation of the institution.”

This catchall charge highlighted the challenges Brock faced in expressing his views while incarcerated.  Brock’s narrative sheds light on the contentious and polarized nature of the prison environment following the January 6 events. His experience underscores the broader debate over the treatment of January 6 defendants and the political implications of their imprisonment.

Brock’s story, from his service as an Air Force pilot to his time in prison, reveals the complex and often harsh realities faced by individuals involved in the Capitol protest. Brock’s account aims to highlight what he perceives as the unjust treatment of January 6 defendants, portraying them as political prisoners. His message is a call to action for supporters to recognize and address what he views as governmental persecution.


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