Republicans Of 50 Years Reject Trump as They Drop a Startling Declaration Against MAGA


Long-time Republicans, with over five decades of party loyalty, are now publicly rejecting former President Trump and his MAGA movement, signaling a seismic shift within the GOP. In a tweet posted on Sunday, June 16, 2024, Ben Meiselas shared poignant testimonies from former Trump supporters who have turned away from the MAGA movement and the GOP, reflecting a significant shift in political allegiances.

One former supporter recounted their departure: “I left the Republican party halfway through Trump’s presidency. He showed the real him and it was disgusting!” This sentiment underscores the disillusionment many felt as Trump’s actions and behavior became more widely scrutinized. Another individual, a 50-year Republican veteran, expressed their frustration with the party’s direction under Trump:

“After 50 years as a Republican, I have now left the GOP because of what happened with Trump. I will vote for President Biden and all the Democratic blue tickets down the ballot.” This dramatic shift highlights a growing trend among long-time Republicans who can no longer align with the party’s current trajectory.

For some, personal revelations played a crucial role in their decision to abandon Trump. One woman shared a pivotal moment for her husband: “My husband opened his eyes when it was clear Trump cheated on Melania. That was too much for him. I am so relieved to hear him say he can’t vote for Trump.”

Family dynamics and long-held beliefs were also challenged. A man described his wife’s transformation: “My wife grew up in a very military, very conservative family. She’s voted Republican as long as I’ve known her despite many of our conversations.

Recently, we were sitting around talking about Trump’s conviction on 34 counts when she made the statement, ‘If 12 complete strangers can find him completely guilty of every single count, I don’t know how anyone can say that’s rigged.’ She then went on to say, ‘When prominent Republicans started comparing him to Jesus on the cross, that was too far for me. I’m not gonna be able to vote for Trump, and now I’m rethinking voting for any of them.’”

Signs of waning support for Trump are evident in everyday observations. One individual noted the changing atmosphere in their hometown: “I live in a MAGA town that automatically assumed since I lived here my whole life that I’m a Trump supporter. I’ve noticed recently a lack of enthusiasm for Trump in my small town—very few flags, hats, and yard signs. I’m taking this as a good sign.”

Others revealed the private discontent masked by public compliance. A person from rural Texas shared their parents’ concealed opposition: “My parents lived in rural Texas (a rancher). I overheard my Dad agreeing with neighbors on Trump in public. But, in private, he told me that he and Mom didn’t and would never vote for Trump. He said what he had to in order to maintain local relationships. I feel like this attitude is more prevalent than we think.”

These testimonies reflect a broader movement away from Trump and the MAGA ideology. They highlight the personal and communal conflicts faced by long-time Republicans as they reassess their political affiliations. The declarations against Trump suggest a notable shift in the political landscape, driven by disillusionment with the former president’s conduct and the party’s direction.

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