“He’s a Different Joe” Trump Told to Skip 1st Debate as Friend Makes Serious Observation About Biden


Fox News host Sean Hannity has contended that muting former President Donald Trump’s microphone during the upcoming presidential debate might actually benefit him. During a segment on Hannity’s show on Monday, June 10, discussing Trump’s forthcoming CNN debate with President Joe Biden, Hannity pointed out that Biden’s current condition makes it difficult for him to form coherent sentences.

However, Hannity, a friend of Trump, warned that the debate could showcase a revitalized version of Biden, which could leave Trump nursing a defeat. “Whatever Joe consumed before the State of the Union – be it Red Bull, caffeine pills, or something else – that wasn’t the usual Joe,” Hannity remarked.

“We saw a different Joe that day, and we’ll see him again during the debate.” Hannity went on to suggest that Trump might consider skipping the first debate and waiting until he’s officially nominated to face Biden. “Some are saying that Trump should avoid the first debate and confront Biden later. What’s your take on this, Mark?”

Mark Penn, chairman of the Harris Poll, responded, “Trump has already committed to the debate. Backing out now would make him look cowardly. He should have negotiated better terms, but it’s too late for that.” Penn continued, “Biden has agreed to this challenge. It’s a significant test for him. If he performs well, it will boost his campaign; if not, it could put his campaign in jeopardy.”

Hannity then speculated that Biden might have inadvertently helped Trump by insisting on muting microphones when it’s not their turn to speak. “This could work in Trump’s favor, as the lack of interruption might improve his performance compared to the chaotic first debate in 2020.”

The first presidential debate of 2020 was heavily criticized, with Trump frequently interrupting Biden and preventing him from speaking. ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos described it as the worst debate he had ever witnessed, while CNN correspondent Dana Bash labeled it a “shitshow.”

Biden’s agreement to a debate came after numerous requests by the Trump side, who, interestingly, refused to attend any of the debates held to pick his own party’s presidential nominee. They have also chosen to leave all the other candidates out, among them independent candidate Robert Kennedy, who has lamented the move.

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