Trump Under Fire as Attempt to Mimick Woman Holding Dying Child Badly Backfires

Donald Trump

(Photo by Curtis Means-Pool/Getty Images)

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” panel expressed their disgust at a series of controversial remarks made by a visibly perspiring Donald Trump during his first major rally at his Doral golf course on Tuesday night. Among these remarks was Trump’s mockery of a woman’s voice as she held her dying child.

The discussion centered around a New York Times report by journalist Shawn McCreesh, who wrote that “Mr. Trump sounded eye-wateringly cruel” during his speech.

The panel honed in on a particular instance where Trump, while advocating for the death penalty for drug dealers, mimicked a mother cradling her dying child, in a singsong manner, saying, “What can I do, what can I do? Help me, God, what can I do?”

Reading excerpts from the article, co-host Joe Scarborough on Thursday, July 11, expressed his revulsion, finding Trump’s behavior unacceptable. “Mocking a mother who was holding a dying child in their arms, Katty Kay. We hear this is the new and improved Donald. I’ve been hearing it for the past week — this is the new and improved Donald Trump.”

Scarborough continued, highlighting the disparity between the claims of Trump’s change and his actions. “He’s positive, he is happy, he is not the old Donald Trump, he’s really been liberated. And there we have Donald Trump calling people fat pigs. Donald Trump mocking others.

Donald Trump mocking a mother holding her dying child.” Co-host Mika Brzezinski chimed in, questioning Trump’s mental fitness, “I mean, is he mentally fit?” Scarborough added, “It doesn’t sound like the new and improved Donald that, I swear, it’s all you hear from Trump people.”

“‘Oh, you know, he’s changed. He’s not the Trump of three years ago. He’s not the Trump of three months ago.’ Here he is, he’s actually taking great joy in a mother’s child dying in her arms,” he criticized.

Katty Kay pointed out another troubling statement from Trump. “Yeah or writing on Truth Social that Vice President Kamala Harris, in a clear dog whistle, should caddie for him in a golf tournament against Joe Biden. This is the Donald Trump that his campaign does not want particularly out there in public.”

“It is not the Donald Trump who showed up to that debate; that was the more disciplined Donald Trump. As we have always said, that doesn’t last very long with the former president and he is out there again.”

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