Trump Warned of Possible Imprisonment, Told What Prosecutors Might Tell Judge About Him


Former President Donald Trump’s criticisms of the court and prosecutors in his hush money case are unlikely to earn him leniency when he is finally sentenced in Manhattan next month.

Legal expert Lisa Rubin believes Trump will attempt to frame any punishment as a political victory, to whip up his supporters’ emotions ahead of the November presidential election, where he’s vying.

The leading Republican candidate was found guilty four weeks ago on 34 counts of falsifying business records to hide other crimes.

While Class E felonies usually result in probation, Rubin told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday, June 20, that Trump’s relentless attacks on the judicial process could lead to a harsher sentence.

“He might see it as politically advantageous,” Rubin said, adding that reports suggest that Trump is really afraid of being sent to jail.

“Reports indicate he wants to avoid jail at all costs and is deeply fearful of incarceration. However, from a political standpoint, he views it as a potential boon.”

“Throughout the trial and afterward, his messaging has aimed to incite his base by suggesting he could face imprisonment,” she added.

She regretted that Trump is trying to link President Joe Biden to his Manhattan suit.

“His narrative, which ties the current president to the Manhattan prosecution by claiming the Biden administration and the Department of Justice were directing D.A. Alvin Bragg through Mathew Colangelo, is dangerously misleading and racially charged.”

Rubin added, “This narrative is illogical and factually incorrect. It insidiously suggests that Bragg, who is Black, couldn’t have conducted the prosecution independently without white supervision.”

Trump is the first former president to face criminal charges, creating unique challenges for potential jail time. Rubin predicts he might receive a sentence more severe than probation.

“There’s a chance Trump could face some form of incarceration,” Rubin said, but noted that there is little chance that he will be sent to an actual prison.

“This might not mean traditional jail time but could involve house arrest due to logistical complications. Trump’s lack of remorse and multiple violations of the gag order, observed by journalists during the trial, could lead to a stricter punishment.”

She stated that the prosecution might not be done by Trump and might seek to worsen things for him by bringing up more offences during the sentencing to try and have him thrown behind bars.

“Although these violations weren’t highlighted during the trial to avoid disrupting proceedings, the district attorney’s office might present them to Judge Juan Merchan during sentencing, arguing that only incarceration will make Trump comply.”

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