Donald Trump Tells Who to Blame If Jailed


Former President Donald Trump is poised to intensify his criticisms of Judge Juan Merchan, holding him accountable should he face imprisonment following his conviction on 34 felony counts in New York last week, sources familiar with the situation have indicated.

Trump, determined to avoid incarceration, is expected to direct his supporters’ ire towards Merchan, framing him as the antagonist in his ongoing legal battles, as reported by The Guardian. The specifics of Trump’s anticipated blame campaign remain ambiguous, as he has largely sidestepped the issue in public and during private strategy meetings with his advisers at Trump Tower immediately after the verdict.

However, insiders suggest that Trump will likely escalate his rhetoric against Merchan, utilizing his rallies and Truth Social platform to galvanize his base against the judge. The potential repercussions of such actions are uncertain. Trump has previously criticized Merchan, accusing him of bias and collaboration with the Biden administration to derail his political aspirations, yet there have been no significant incidents to date.

Nonetheless, history suggests that Trump’s fervent supporters may resort to threats, as seen with other judges he has disparaged, including the death threats directed at Tanya Chutkan, the federal judge overseeing his 2020 election interference case. Trump is acutely aware that Merchan wields significant influence over his sentencing.

The judge has the authority to impose a range of penalties, from fines and probation to a more severe custodial sentence. This judicial discretion provides Trump with a clear target for his frustrations and a focal point for his supporters’ discontent, particularly if Merchan imposes a jail term close to the Republican National Convention, a sentence that would likely be paused pending appeal.

Throughout the trial, Trump has repeatedly condemned Merchan’s rulings, alleging unfairness and bias. He has portrayed Merchan as a central figure in a supposed plot to inhibit his campaign. Following the trial, Trump amplified his attacks during a Trump Tower press conference, likening Merchan to a devil disguised as an angel.

If Merchan does sentence Trump to prison, sources predict a vehement reaction from the former president. While Trump has refrained from making explicit threats, he has hinted at potential public unrest. In a recent Fox News interview, Trump suggested that the public would not tolerate his imprisonment, remarking, “I’m not sure the public would stand for it.

I think it would be tough for the public to take. At some point, there’s a breaking point,” though his campaign clarified that he was referring to the election. Trump’s strategy appears to be placing Merchan in a precarious position. If Merchan opts for a lenient sentence, he risks backlash for underestimating the gravity of Trump’s crimes, which involved an unlawful hush-money scheme to influence the 2016 election.

Conversely, a harsh sentence would make Merchan a target of Trump’s condemnation, potentially inciting unrest among his supporters, who have previously engaged in political violence in response to Trump’s grievances. Additionally, at sentencing, Merchant must consider Trump’s lack of remorse and repeated violations of the gag order.

These factors will be detailed in Trump’s pre-sentencing report, compiled by a probation officer following a thorough investigation. This report, typically a defendant’s chance to show contrition, may not work in Trump’s favor given his continued defiance and attacks on the verdict.

As Trump prepares for sentencing, his tactics and rhetoric continue to underscore the contentious relationship with Judge Merchan. Whether through direct confrontation or implied threats, Trump’s focus on Merchan reflects a broader strategy of deflection and mobilization, leveraging his substantial following to challenge any adverse legal outcomes.

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