2024 Election Takes a Stunning Twist as New Poll Reveals Who Americans Are Voting For


President Joe Biden faces a significant setback as a new poll reveals former President Donald Trump leading by a substantial margin, as reported by Daily Express US on Saturday, June 22, 2024.

According to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, Trump commands 46% of likely voters’ support in the upcoming November presidential election, while Biden lags behind at 36% in a five-way race.

Independent candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West secured 9% and 2% of the vote, respectively. Meanwhile, Green Party candidate Jill Stein garnered 1% support.

In a direct head-to-head matchup, Trump also leads Biden, with 49% of respondents favoring the Republican compared to 40% backing the current president. This 10-point advantage highlights the uphill battle Biden faces in his re-election campaign.

Contrary to the Rasmussen poll, other national surveys indicate a much closer race. A FiveThirtyEight survey shows Biden with a slight edge over Trump, polling at 40.7% versus 40.4%.

Similarly, RealClearPolitics reports Trump leading at 46.1% compared to Biden’s 45.2% in a direct contest. The first televised presidential debate, scheduled for next week, could be a pivotal moment in the campaign.

The 90-minute event is expected to be one of the most consequential presidential debates in decades, potentially reshaping the dynamics of the race.

Biden’s team anticipates aggressive attacks on his physical and mental acuity, his record on the economy and immigration, and even his family.

Trump’s confident demeanor suggests he will continue his vigorous campaign schedule before retreating to his Florida estate for two days of private meetings to prepare for the debate.

This CNN-hosted debate will break new ground in several ways. It will be the earliest in the general election season that presumptive nominees have met on the debate stage in modern history.

Additionally, it will feature two candidates of advanced age, with both facing widespread questions about their readiness for office.

Trump, facing 34 felony counts related to his New York hush money trial, will also make history as the first general election debate participant saddled with such legal burdens.

The debate will take place at a CNN studio in Atlanta with no audience present. To ensure a fair and orderly discussion, each candidate’s microphone will be muted except during their allotted speaking times.

No props or prewritten notes will be allowed on stage; candidates will have only a pen, a pad of paper, and a bottle of water.

There will be no opening statements. A coin flip has determined that Biden will stand at the podium to the viewer’s right, while Trump will deliver the final closing statement.

The poll results and the upcoming debate pose significant challenges for Biden’s campaign. The President’s team must strategize effectively to counter Trump’s lead and sway undecided voters.

The debate performance could prove crucial in altering the current trajectory of the race. The Rasmussen poll underscores a growing dissatisfaction among voters. Trump’s 10-point lead over Biden reflects broader concerns about the current administration’s handling of key issues.

This dissatisfaction could translate into a tougher re-election campaign for Biden, who has struggled to gain a solid lead over his predecessor since Trump announced his candidacy.

However, as both candidates prepare for the debate, the political landscape remains highly fluid. The upcoming debate offers an opportunity for Biden to address voter concerns directly and attempt to close the gap with Trump.

Conversely, a strong performance by Trump could further solidify his lead and complicate Biden’s path to re-election. With the election just months away, Biden’s campaign faces mounting pressure to turn the tide in his favor.

The Rasmussen poll serves as a stark reminder of the challenges ahead. As the nation gears up for the first presidential debate, the stakes could not be higher for both candidates. The outcome of the debate may well determine the direction of the campaign and ultimately, the election.


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