“Republicans Should Stop This” Trump Sends Stern Warning in Early Morning Rant as He Slams Bill Maher


Former President Donald Trump, known for his direct and often controversial statements, delivered a sharp rebuke to political commentator Bill Maher in a social media post on Saturday morning, June 22.

In his characteristic style, Trump criticized Maher’s show, labeling it as “ratings challenged” and deriding Maher’s laughter as “fake, loud, and obnoxious.”

Trump’s statement targeted¬†Maher’s credibility, referring to him as a “highly overrated ‘Star'” and alleging that Maher’s laughter is excessive and misplaced, occurring even when nothing humorous is said on the show.

Trump went on to suggest that Maher suffers from a “terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS),” a term often used to describe extreme opposition or hostility towards Trump.

The former president’s words reflect a growing sentiment among some Republicans who view Maher and similar commentators as biased against conservative viewpoints. Trump’s call for Republicans to stop using Maher as a reference point indicates a desire to distance the party from media figures perceived as hostile to their agenda.

Trump’s assertion that Maher’s show is “dead” underscores the tension between the political right and certain media personalities. Maher, known for his outspoken critiques of both Democrats and Republicans, has often been a target of criticism from conservative circles.

The timing of Trump’s early morning rant is notable, signaling a continued engagement in public discourse despite no longer holding office. His words carry weight within the Republican Party, where his influence remains significant.

While Trump’s confrontational style has garnered both support and criticism, his direct approach to addressing perceived adversaries resonates with many of his supporters. The call to stop using Maher as a reference point reflects a broader strategy within conservative circles to challenge media narratives and assert control over the party’s messaging.

In response to Trump’s remarks, Maher has yet to issue a public statement. However, the exchange highlights the ongoing tensions and divisions within American politics, particularly in the realm of media and public discourse. As the political landscape continues to evolve, Trump’s early morning warning serves as a reminder of his continued influence and impact on the Republican Party’s direction and messaging.

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