“At the beginning he couldn’t even put a sentence together at the opening statement” — Voter Says


According to a report by Fox News on Friday, June 28, 2024, not a single voter who participated in a Fox News Digital focus group said they felt better about President Biden after watching his performance at the CNN Presidential Debate on Thursday.

This response included Democrats, independents, and Republicans, all of whom expressed concerns about Biden’s ability to communicate effectively and present himself as a strong leader. “He got off to a horrible start,” a male voter told focus group leader Lee Carter, president of Maslansky and Partners. “At the beginning, he couldn’t even put a sentence together at the opening statement.”

One woman expressed disappointment in the debate, noting that Biden and Trump spent more time attacking each other’s records than discussing the problems facing the country. The focus group, which provided real-time reactions to the debate, overwhelmingly indicated that former President Trump appeared stronger and more confident than Biden.

Participants noted that Trump’s manner of speaking, his assertiveness, and his ability to articulate his points clearly gave him an edge over Biden, who struggled with clarity and coherence.

One independent voter remarked that Trump’s performance made him seem more presidential. “He came across as someone who is in control and knows what he’s talking about,” the voter said. “Biden, on the other hand, seemed unsure and often lost in his answers.”

Democratic participants were particularly troubled by Biden’s apparent lack of energy and enthusiasm. “I wanted to feel reassured by Biden, but instead, I felt more worried,” a Democrat from the focus group shared. “He didn’t have the spark or the confidence that we need in a leader.”

Republicans in the group were unsurprisingly critical of Biden, but their comments echoed the sentiments of voters across the political spectrum. “Biden just didn’t seem up to the task,” a Republican participant said. “Trump looked ready to lead, while Biden looked like he was struggling to keep up.”

Focus group members also pointed to specific moments in the debate that highlighted the contrast between the two candidates. When Trump discussed economic policy, his responses were direct and confident, while Biden’s answers were often meandering and filled with pauses. This reinforced the perception that Trump was the more decisive and authoritative figure on stage.

Another point of concern for the voters was Biden’s body language. Many noted that his posture and facial expressions conveyed a sense of fatigue and uncertainty. In contrast, Trump’s energetic and commanding presence gave him a visible advantage. “Body language speaks volumes,” one participant said. “And Trump’s body language was much stronger than Biden’s.”

The focus group’s feedback also highlighted worries about Biden’s mental acuity. Several participants mentioned that Biden’s hesitations and occasional stumbles over his words made them question his cognitive sharpness. “He just didn’t seem sharp,” an independent voter commented. “We need someone who can think on their feet and respond quickly and clearly.”

Despite their concerns about Biden, some voters were not fully convinced by Trump either. They acknowledged his strong performance but remained wary of his policies and past behavior. “Trump did well in the debate, but I still have reservations about him as a person and a leader,” one Democrat noted.

Overall, the focus group’s reactions painted a troubling picture for Biden’s campaign. With voters from all backgrounds expressing doubts about his performance, the debate seemed to have heightened existing concerns about his suitability for another term in office.

The consensus among the focus group was clear: Biden needs to step up his game if he hopes to convince voters that he is the right choice for the presidency. His performance at the debate has left many feeling uncertain about his capability to lead the nation effectively.

As the election approaches, these real-time reactions from voters could be a critical indicator of the challenges Biden faces. If he is unable to address these concerns and improve his public image, it could significantly impact his chances in the 2024 presidential race.

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