“We had a big victory against a man who really is looking to destroy our country” – Trump Declares


Donald Trump wasted no time in amplifying his critique of President Joe Biden following their recent debate clash. According to a report by Newsmax on Friday, June 28, 2024, while speaking to a fervent crowd in Chesapeake, Virginia, Trump launched into a scathing assessment of Biden’s performance, portraying him as mentally unfit and incompetent to lead the nation.

“Hello, Virginia! Did anybody watch that debate last night?” Trump began, rallying his supporters with characteristic zeal. “Yeah, that was a big one. But as you saw on television, we had a big victory against a man who really is looking to destroy our country.” Accusing Biden of orchestrating a rigged debate despite spending the week preparing rigorously at Camp David, Trump derided the President’s competence.

“Despite the fact that crooked Joe Biden spent the entire week at Camp David resting, working, studying – he studied very hard; he studied so hard that he didn’t know what the hell he was doing,” Trump mocked, drawing cheers from the crowd.

“He got to debate rules that he wanted. He got the date that he wanted. He got the network that he wanted.” Trump continued to assail Biden’s tenure, labeling him as the “most corrupt” and “most incompetent” president in American history.


Asserting that no amount of debate preparation or manipulation could conceal Biden’s purported failings, Trump portrayed the election as a stark choice between strength and weakness, competence and incompetence. “He’s not respected anywhere in the world. Our country is being laughed at all over the world,” Trump asserted, painting a dire picture of America’s global standing under Biden’s leadership.

Emphasizing his administration’s contrasting policies of strength and prosperity, Trump warned international adversaries against taking advantage of what he described as Biden’s vulnerable final months in office. “The whole world should know that while Biden is the worst president in the history of America, our country is going to be strong again, and it’s going to be very soon,” Trump declared, urging caution among global rivals.

“Don’t play around with us during this five-month period.” In a broadside against Biden’s policy agenda, Trump lambasted what he termed as “far-left policies” such as open borders, significant tax hikes, and environmental initiatives like the Green New Deal, which he dismissed as ineffective and economically damaging.

He also criticized Biden’s stance on transgender issues, specifically referencing his opposition to transgender women competing in women’s sports. Trump’s rally speech stressed his campaign strategy of positioning himself as a forceful alternative to what he characterizes as Biden’s failed leadership.

Throughout his address, Trump rallied his supporters with promises of renewed American strength and a rejection of what he portrayed as Biden’s compromised vision for the country. As the 2024 presidential election continues to intensify, Trump’s relentless attacks on Biden’s competence and policies are likely to remain central to his campaign messaging.


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