Things Turn Upside Down for Trump as His Own Republicans Turn Against Him in an Explosive AD -VIDEO


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The Republican Accountability Pack (RAP) has launched a new ad targeting former President Donald Trump during the Republican National Convention.

This ad, airing in critical swing states, underscores a significant rift within the Republican Party, with some of its own members urging voters to reject Trump once again in the upcoming November election.

The ad, laden with powerful messages as seen in a video shared on social media on Tuesday, July 9, begins with a stark reminder: “Donald Trump will be on the ballot in November.”

It then implores viewers to recall why they voted him out of office in the first place, stating emphatically, “We can never let him anywhere near power again.” This plea is supported by a series of pointed critiques and accusations aimed directly at Trump.

Key issues highlighted in the ad include Trump’s vow to target his enemies if he wins, his status as a convicted felon, and his mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ad further condemns Trump for his refusal to concede defeat in the 2020 election and his role in facilitating the January 6 Capitol attack.

Additionally, it brings to light his two impeachments during his presidency and asserts that he has grown even more extreme since leaving office, even calling for the termination of the Constitution.

This advertisement signifies a significant internal conflict within the GOP. The Republican Accountability Pack, composed of former Trump supporters and influential party members, has taken a definitive stance against the former president, showcasing their disapproval in a highly public and impactful manner.

The ad aims to sway Republican voters who may still be on the fence about Trump, leveraging the credibility of former allies turned critics to underscore their message. The campaign by RAP is part of a broader effort to reshape the Republican Party’s future.

By highlighting Trump’s controversial actions and statements, the ad seeks to remind voters of the tumultuous period of his presidency and the potential dangers of a second term. This move is particularly strategic given the timing and targeted airing during the Republican National Convention, a crucial period for rallying party support and solidifying the party’s platform.

As Trump continues to dominate headlines and influence the GOP, the emergence of such internal opposition underscores the deep divisions within the party. The ad by RAP represents a bold challenge to Trump’s ongoing influence and a call to action for Republicans to reconsider their support for him.

With the election approaching, this internal conflict could play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Republican Party and its leadership.

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