“‘Get Rid of Him, Fox News” Donald Trump’s Demand Sends Shockwaves Through Media


Photo credit: Marie Uzcategui for AFP.

Donald Trump unleashed a torrent of criticism aimed squarely at Fox News, a network that had long been a bastion of support during his tumultuous political career.

Taking to his preferred platform, Truth Social, the former president didn’t hold back, accusing Fox of treachery and bias in their choice of guests and coverage, according to a report by the Raw Story Sunday, July 7.

His words, delivered in trademark all-caps and punctuated with exclamation marks, reverberated across social media and beyond. “Fox News puts on the worst people, and all done very purposely,” Trump fumed late on Saturday, his frustration palpable.

He singled out John Bussey, a Wall Street Journal Associate Editor, as a “real loser” who perpetuated what he deemed a Biden-inspired hoax designed to undermine his presidency. Trump’s accusation cut deep, questioning Bussey’s political allegiance and intelligence, suggesting he might be a “Democrat, or a really dumb Republican.”

But Trump was far from finished. Early Sunday morning, he doubled down with his familiar refrain of “Trump Derangement Syndrome!” followed by a sweeping declaration that every lawsuit against him, including civil suits, was initiated by “crooked Joe Biden” and his administration.

For Trump, these legal battles were not just courtroom skirmishes but part of a broader narrative of election interference and political sabotage.

The vitriol didn’t spare Fox News itself, a network that had once been a staunch ally. Trump accused them of willful blindness, alleging they refused to report the truth about the origins of these lawsuits.

In his view, Fox, along with what he termed the “fake news,” was complicit in a campaign to discredit him and manipulate public opinion. For Trump, this was nothing short of electoral cheating, a betrayal of the democratic process that resonated deeply with his supporters.

The timing of Trump’s outburst was strategic, coming at a moment when his visibility had been relatively subdued following the presidential debates with Joe Biden. His return to the limelight was explosive, designed to galvanize his base and send shockwaves through the media landscape.

By choosing Truth Social as his platform of choice, Trump underscored his ongoing battle against what he perceived as biased reporting and entrenched interests. Observers noted the irony of Trump’s feud with Fox News, considering the symbiotic relationship they had shared throughout his presidency.

Fox had often been a reliable megaphone for Trump’s policies and opinions, serving as a counterweight to what he frequently labeled the “liberal media.” Now, however, the cracks were showing, revealing a deeper rift over editorial decisions and the perceived fidelity to journalistic integrity.

For Trump’s critics, his assault on Fox News represented a broader erosion of trust in media institutions, exacerbated by his own relentless attacks on the press as “fake news.” By lambasting Fox, he signaled a willingness to challenge even his staunchest allies if they diverged from his narrative or failed to uphold what he considered the truth.

This uncompromising stance endeared him further to his loyal base but raised concerns about the erosion of journalistic independence and integrity. In response, Fox News issued statements defending its journalistic standards and commitment to impartiality, highlighting the complexities of navigating political coverage in a deeply polarized climate.

The network’s role as a bellwether of conservative thought was under scrutiny, caught between loyalty to its audience and the imperatives of objective reporting. Trump’s rapid-fire condemnation of Fox News underscored his mastery of media manipulation and his ability to dominate news cycles at will.

His words, delivered with bombastic flair, resonated far beyond the confines of social media, shaping public discourse and fueling debates about the role of media in a democratic society. Whether viewed as a calculated strategy or a genuine expression of frustration, Trump’s tirade against Fox News marked a pivotal moment in the evolving relationship between media, politics, and power in America.

As the dust settled on this latest skirmish, one thing remained clear: Donald Trump’s influence on the media landscape, and his willingness to challenge established norms, continued to reverberate long after his presidency had ended. His words, searing and unapologetic, served as a stark reminder of the enduring power dynamics at play in the era of digital discourse and partisan politics.

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